Waterproofing and Renewable Energy

Since 2007, General Membrane has been working in the renewable energy sector, for which it has developed:

General Solar PV

Flexible photovoltaic waterproofing system architecturally integrated for the production of clean energy, which becomes integral part of the roof. The solution is integrated and unique for the essential needs of a coverage:

  • high quality waterproofing

  • thermal insulation according to the current regulations

  • hygrometric balance

  • efficient production of clean electrical energy.

General Fix

Anchoring system developed by General Membrane to fasten traditional photovoltaic panels or other technological systems in coverage without perforations.

Broof certified protection against external fire

As the PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS INSTALLATION GUIDE issued by the Firemen Department on 7 February 2012 requires, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the fire risks deriving from the installation and use of a photovoltaic generator on the roof. This is why General Membrane also offers a range of Broof stratigraphy certified according to the UNI ENV 1187: 2007 and UNI EN 13501-5: 2009 standards, designed to protect the roof against external fire and valid for risk assessment.