Always part of our nature, designing in a workmanlike manner manifests itself in our company through a double facet: the first concerns the realization of specifications for the building site, designed and studied according to the UNI 11333-1/2 standard which indicates dictates of the correct installation of waterproof membranes in a workmanlike manner.

The second refers to the creation of artistic works using the same bitumen used in the production of bituminous membranes as decorative elements. The paintings, made also thanks to the collaboration of our line employees, are now part of the decor of the production department.
This is to remember and summarize the broad vision of which the concept of art is composed.


In our corporate vision, art is considered as a broad concept that does not concern only the artist himself, but any person involved in producing objects or making products that are used by man to satisfy needs or solve problems.

For us detail, designing in a workmanlike manner means considering and refining every single one that makes up our production process the creative ideation that is carried out inside or outside the company sphere, such as participation in conferences and fairs.
As a company we are committed, every single day, to the adoption and application of this thought.

Industrial Elegy

The commitment to produce as a 'work of art'

We believe that the "art of making" and the "made as a work of art" are a modality referring to man in general and to the totality of his works, not only to his artistic expressions. This is our point of view. This is our daily commitment.

Architect Flavio Albanese will tell us about this, in the video of the famous director Riccardo De Cal.


1993 - 2022

Beyond twenty-five years dedicated to design, produce and sell in Italy and all over the world waterproofing systems; dedicated to study and research solutions and products with successful characteristics and performance in a Certified Quality System (ISO 9001). Twenty-five years lived to safeguard the environment through the conscious usage of resources and the constant reduction of the production impact also using renewable sources (ISO 14001).

Twenty-five years spent in the commitment to make the workplace more and more pleasant, with particular attention to the health and safety of all employees (OHSAS ISO 18001).

Twenty-five years invested in promoting sustainable development in construction also through the realization of integrated photovoltaic systems (USGBC).


It is General Membrane's belief that the value of the Company lies not only in its ability to optimize production and income processes, but also to contribute to the social, cultural and environmental sustainability of the reference context.

Respect nature and in particular the place where the company produces; create safe, healthy and stimulating work environments; spread the taste for quality and innovation; enhance the territory and the technical, artistic and architectural culture: the entrepreneurial mission of General Membrane is also recognized for these aspects.

General Membrane Loves Earth is the project that aims to realize the Company's commitment to the environment.

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Founded in 2006 in Buzau to serve all the countries of the Balkan area more efficiently, GENERAL MEMBRANE ROMANIA replicates the technological and quality standards of General Membrane SpA Italy through a synergistic collaboration between the two companies

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  1. 1993

    GENERAL MEMBRANE SpA was founded: in Ceggia headquarters (near Venice) it started to produce bitumen waterproofing membranes.


  2. 1996

    The second production line was installed. Corporate goal: improving the Quality of processes and products made.


  3. 1997

    General Membrane SpA received the ISO 9001 Certification of the Quality Management System in design and production of bituminous waterproofing membranes.


  4. 2003

    Progettocontemporaneo project was created with the dual purpose of promoting the works of young emerging Italian and foreign architects in Europe.


  5. 2005

    General Membrane SpA received the ISO 14001 Certification of the Environmental Management System for its plant in Ceggia. This result was also obtained thanks to considerable environmental invesments.


  6. 2006

    Progettocontemporaneo became the eclusive venue for Triennale Off for Veneto and Friuli venezia Giulia regions.

    The third production line was activated for the extension of the products range.

    General Membrane SA was established in Buzău (Romania) with a bitumen membrane production line.


  7. 2007

    New technology: CUT FIRE, the new waterproofing membranes system to protect buildings from external fire risk, Class E certified.

    The Company developed GENERAL SOLAR PV, the new flexible photovoltaic waterproofing system architecturally integrated to produce clean electrical energy.


  8. 2011

    New tecnology: GENERAL FIX, an innovative fastening system for traditional photovoltaic structures on roofs.


  9. 2012

    General Membrane received the OHSAS 18001 Certification of Occupational and Safety Management System.

    The Company became member of U.S. Green Building Council, association aimed at promoting green construction industry.


  10. 2013

    General Membrane introduced the innovative N.E.W. waterproofing systems: durable, sustainable ed cost-efficient with 20-year Warranty.

    The Company celebrated 20 years of successful activity in Italy and Worldwide thanks to the quality of its waterproofing products and systems.

    Renowned Italian director Riccardo De Cal produced General Membrane's corporate video:“Industrial Elegy”.


  11. 2014

    General Membrane certified its own Carbon Footprint according to the international standard UNI EN ISO 14064 -1:2012.


  12. 2017

    Hail-Shield product range is created: the bituminous membranes offering the maximum certified protection against hail.

  13. 2018

    General Membrane launches Eco-liquids: water-based liquid waterproofing solutions with low environmental impact.

  14. 2019

    In the factory plant of Ceggia, an innovative system is installed, capable of further reducing emissions and bringing the environmental impact of our production down to a minimum.


  15. 2020

    General Membrane obtains UNI EN ISO 14021 Certification, which allows the Company to issue Self-declared Environmental Claims for its products.


  16. 2021

    Another step towards reducing the environmental impact: Ecofriendly is born, the first line of polymerbitumen membranes with a high recycled content, flanked by materials for thermal insulation.

    General Membrane obtains the UNI ISO 45001 Certification, replacing the Anglo-Saxon OHSAS 18001 certification, regarding the internationally recognized requirements for a Workers’ Health and Safety Management System.




General Solar PV is the flexible photovoltaic waterproofing system architecturally integrated by General Membrane.

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Anchoring systems to technological structures on roof

The solution developed for anchoring traditional photovoltaic modules on the roof without damaging the roofing integrity.

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Never Ending Waterproofing

From design to installation, from insurance to maintenance: a unique system with unique materials developed to ensure the maximum durability of the waterproofing work.

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System pre-applied waterproofing solution for foundation and tanking

Greentank is an innovative pre-applied and self-healing waterproofing system with the innovative properties of General Easy Seal technology.

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