N.E.W. systems by General Membrane

To best meet the needs of security, guarantees and saving, General Membrane has developed a unique waterproof proposal: the waterproof systems N.E.W. - Never Ending Waterproofing.


  • Because you can take advantage of a 20-year insurance that covers all the material and installation defects of each layer that constitutes the waterproof package, compensating the supply of the entire stratigraphy if compromised due to defects in the products that compose it or due to their incorrect application, protecting the customer completely.

  • Because it offers a support protocol for all the realization phases of the waterproof work; from the design, through the  N.E.W. specifications, to the ordinary maintenance of the roof to be carried out according to the Maintenance Manual.

  • Because you can count on high-end materials, in particular the Phoenix Super bituminous membrane that has a certified life expectancy of at least 30 years.