April 2018. General Membrane launches ECO-LIQUIDS: a new product line consisting of water-based liquid waterproofing solutions, to offer the durability of solvent-based liquids but with more attention to the safety of operators and the environment.

Versatile and practical solutions. When it is necessary to waterproof technical details with particular conformations (such as flaps, skylights, vents, gutters, pipes, frames, metal bars, etc.), or to operate in small and difficult to reach spaces (such as small drains, narrow corridors between walls etc.), liquid products in general represent an excellent supplementary solution to prefabricated membranes, versatile, practical and usable without flame.

More benefits. ECO-LIQUIDS, in addition, have a low environmental impact, and the absence of volatile solvents eliminates the risk of flammability and therefore the danger both during transport and during use, making them usable even in closed or poorly ventilated environments.

The new water-based product range offers liquid membranes, primers and protective paints, which are added to the wide range of General Membrane products to meet all market needs in a targeted manner.

ECO-LIQUIDS is the product range designed for those who choose to combine ecology and safety with durability.

Discover all the products:

> Water-based liquid membranes
> Water-based primer
> Water-based reflective paints
> Water-based aluminum paints
> Water-based protective paints
> Water-based cold asphalt