Alongside technological investments, we believe that even small things are responsible for big changes: from this spirit comes the idea of raising awareness and involving all of us employees, partners and the entire surrounding community on some good practices in favour of environmental sustainability.

(Starting from) this year we have decided to literally put ourselves in the shoes of the planet: in what sense? By dressing in more ecological garments than those made so far, attentive to the environmental impact, created thanks to the innovations recently matured in the textile sector.



The new General Membrane T-shirt is made with certified organic cotton. This particular type of cotton is grown, produced, processed and certified according to organic agricultural standards.

Its production supports the health of the environment, ecosystem and people, encouraging the use of natural processes and substances rather than artificial ones, chemical and toxic, combining tradition and scientific innovation to promote sustainability and quality of life.

A product guaranteed by Ecocert Greenlife according to OCS100 standards (Organic Content Standard).

The Organic Content Standard is an environmental certification verified by a third party that ensures the content of natural fibers from organic farming in textile products, both intermediate and finished, and the maintenance of traceability throughout the entire production process.

The General Membrane T-shirt contains 100% certified organic cotton.

Choosing to wear organic cotton clothing means helping to promote the cultivation of cotton without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides that damage natural resources, also contributing to the saving of 1,920 liters of water per ton produced compared to traditional crops.


The new General Membrane cap, instead of using traditional fabrics, is produced in R-pet.

R-pet (Recycled Pet) is a new polymer obtained through the recovery and recycling processes of the common Pet, which involve sorting, washing, crushing and melting plastic materials.

Recycled Pet is commonly made in the form of filaments or flakes and lends itself to the creation of countless products, with important benefits for the environment and for us all.

The use of R-pet is a way to encourage recycling. Today, plastic is the third most popular material in the world, extremely useful in terms of strength and versatility as well as - if badly managed - harmful to the environment. The United Nations has estimated that the amount of plastic currently generated in the world is 400 million tons: we reuse only 9% and the rest pollutes the seas, oceans and other ecosystems vital to our planet (just think, for example, that a single abandoned plastic bottle can last up to 450 years).

Therefore, the use of R-pet is a good way to reverse this harmful trend.

Choosing to wear R-pet clothing means helping to promote the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and global pollution of the planet due to non-recycling of plastic.

This initiative is part of the project General Membrane Loves Earth. Discover more!

Would you like to wear the organic T-shirt and the R-pet cap?

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