From now General Membrane solutions are available on BIM!

BIM is the acronym of “Building Information Modeling” and constitutes an extremely useful data container for designers in the construction sector during the digital elaboration of their projects.


As for CAD projects, in which you can use in a serial way CAD objects (2D or 3D) already made without drawing them each time, so for BIM projects it is possible to use in every elaboration BIM objects ready-made.


While CAD design allows the elaboration of an object through drawings in 2D or 3D, BIM design is not limitated to visual information or renderings, but it also specifies the functions and the performance of each BIM object in the project or in the elaborated building.


General Membrane joined the service by making available on BIMObject platform 10 technical specifications aimed at supporting the design of the waterproofing work. The technical specifications describe solutions for every kind of roof, they contain the technical data of the products used, the regulations to which they respond and the laying methods in relation to the type of roof. In every technical proposal there are also complete technical drawings of the project details.


You can find all the information and BIM objects on BIMObject platform and in the dedicated section of General Membrane website.