ORION are a range of bituminous waterproofing membranes featuring excellent resistance to UV ray ageing action and flow resistance at high temperatures.


ORION membranes employ a compound consisting in distilled bitumen modified with selected elasto-plastomeric polymers and atactic polypropylene (APP), their excellent quality is highlighted by two indicators: cold flexibility (-15° C) and high temperature flow resistance (130° C).

Membranes with high resistance to thermal ageing and with excellent flow resistance at high temperatures are suitable for application in any climatic area, and are particularly indicated in regions with hot climates for use on thermally-insulated roofing systems. The excellent flexibility at low temperatures enables an easy application of the membrane, an important feature in areas characterized by harsh climates.

This compound, thanks to its special formula, features an excellent behavior against UV ray ageing and allows the membrane to be walked on during application.

ORION peculiar properties allow these membrane to be applied fully exposed on any type of roof.


ORION membranes are available with different reinforcements:

  • Rot-proof non-woven spun-bond or staple polyester fabric stabilized with fiberglass. These “composite” reinforcements combine the excellent mechanical properties of polyester reinforcements with the extraordinary thermo-dimensional stability typical of glass-fiber and guarantee high levels of performance to the membranes
  • Rot-proof stabilized fiberglass reinforcements offering excellent dimensional stability and avoid unsightly wrinkling of the membranes and shrinkage of the waterproofing surface.

ORION can be supplied with either a sanded, talc, PP film or slate chip (mineral) top finish, while the bottom surface can be smooth or embossed and protected by a heat sensitive non-stick film PE/PP or sand. Since the ORION compound is virtually unaffected by UV radiation, the membrane can be left without further protection. However the system is also available with the membrane’s upper surface coated with slate flakes that lower the membrane’s temperature when exposed to intense sunlight, which in turn all have the effect of slowing down the aging process, increasing the life of the system.


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