A commitment to ongoing improvement

Certification of the Environmental Policy and Carbon Footprint


The environmental policy of General Membrane stems from the awareness that in order to improve the sustainability of the productive processes you need to measure and continuously monitor the consequences of your actions.

Enviromental Management System

The process of environmental management of the production site in Ceggia is ISO 14001 Certified and the Company reports in detail the contribution of each step of the productive process to its Carbon Footprint.

The Carbon Footprint analysis has allowed General Membrane to fully understand the effects of its activities on the environment, and to identify clear objectives and areas of intervention in order to lessen its overall environmental impact.

The contribution of each step (from the supply of raw materials to the disposal at the end of the life cycle of the products) has been broken down and analyzed to ensure a full understanding of the environmental dynamics surrounding the activities of General Membrane and allowing precise measurement of the improvements achieved with each every intervention.